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Training at altitude has been used to improve athletic performance for decades. Since the Mexico Olympic Games, when the effects of altitude on performance were first made obvious, many teams and individuals use altitude training as part of their preparation.

ATS Level 1 Instructors Course ONLINE

Course description

This training course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the physiology of simulated altitude training, health and safety requirements, monitoring of clients, base line testing, basic exercise prescription and training protocols.

Course structure

The course is online.

Assessment is a short multi-choice questionnaire and is required for certification.

Entry requirements

Minimum Cert IV Fitness instructor, personal trainer or level one sports coach. This course is Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia certified

Course Enrolments

Course enrolment is $299

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Benefits of Altitude Training

ATS products allow this powerful tool to be accessed by athletes of all standards without the expense and time required to travel to real altitude. We can help athletes of all standards reach their optimal performance potential: improvements in repeat sprint effort; oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and other cardio-vascular improvements are all facilitated by altitude training.

Altitude training improves a number of important parameters in sports performance. Recent research using Simulated Altitude Training systems such as ATS equipment has shown improved performance at sea level following a block of altitude exposure and training in elite cyclists1. Other studies 2, 3, 4 demonstrate positive effects such as improved repeat sprint performance, increased anabolic hormonal responses and increased red blood cell mass.

The mechanisms for this are still being researched, but oxygen delivery and utilisation at a number of levels (mechanical and cellular) as well a improved buffering capacity have been demonstrated5,6,7. Most of the immediate benefits to sports performance involve a qualitative improvement in the physiological systems related to oxygen delivery and energy utilisation.

The most significant results in sports performance come from effectively integrated altitude training programs, with individual monitoring and progression. ATS has the resources and experience to assist any athlete achieve the best possible results from altitude training.


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Time efficient

Your body works harder in an oxygen reduced (simulated altitude) environment, providing a great workout.

Improvements in performance

Increased VO2 Max, enhanced power output and diminished fatigue are all possible by integrating altitude training.

Low stress

Altitude training can be effective in maintaining cardiovascular fitness while reducing mechanical loading.

Altitude Training Systems in the Media

ATS offer internationally recognised training courses for personal trainers and sports coaches. The level 1 course is essential for all instructors working with SAT equipment and covers topics such as basic physiology, health and safety, product knowledge, training protocols and baseline testing procedures.

The Team

Our Education Team are charged with helping you get the competitive edge. And we draw on the professional services of our elite sporting partners such as New South Wales Institute of Sport and University of Lausanne to deliver the latest in altitude training methods for our clients. From start-up programs for personal mask systems, to delivery of accredited instructor courses for Personal Trainers, to tailored high performance services. We’re global leaders in altitude training and education, we’re here to help.

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