Altitude Training Systems for Gym Owners

We manufacture and distribute world class technology in altitude training. Our products are designed to ensure optimal reliability and performance.

Simulated Altitude Training

Several public simulated altitude facilities are now proving they have the edge over other fitness providers by offering a unique training environment.

Altitude Training Systems will create a point of difference for your fitness facility.

By offering altitude training, you’re giving clients access to state of the art solutions that can assist with:

  • Improved aerobic performance and oxygen utilisation
  • Increased metabolic rate and calorie burn
  • Time efficient training

Commercially successful ventures include:

  • Air Locker Training x 14 studio – NSW / VIC
  • Combine Air x 4 studios – NSW
  • Air Lab USA
  • Strive Health Club – UK
  • Body Align -VIC
  • Commit 2 be fit – SA
  • Salt Spa - NSW
  • West Central boxing – SA
  • Flex Fitness - SA
  • Red Star Boxing – SA
  • Prosport – VIC
  • Northern Farm Racing x 2 – Japan
  • EMF x 4 sites – QLD / NSW
  • Platform Fitness – NSW
  • Next Generation – SA
  • Altitude Performance Centre – VIC
  • Peak Fitness Taylors Lakes – VIC

ATS Complete Solutions for Performance Altitude Rooms

ATS Complete Solutions for Performance Altitude RoomsPart #DescriptionPrice
ATS-5KHP 350 SYSTEMATS350HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 28m³ (4 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 500 SYSTEMATS500HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 43m³ (6 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 750 SYSTEMATS750HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 64m³ (8 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 1000 SYSTEMATS1000HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 85m³ (10 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 1500 SYSTEMATS1500HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 110m³ (15 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 2000 SYSTEMATS2000HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 160m³ (20 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 3000 SYSTEMATS3000HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 240m³ (30 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 4000 SYSTEMATS4000HP Screw compressor and hypoxic system 320m³ (40 people)POA
ATS-5KHP 5000 SYSTEMATS5000HPScrew compressor and hypoxic system 400m³ (50 people)POA

Facilities Using Altitude Training

Snap Fitness - Queensland

Snap Fitness,

Checking saturation levels during a workout in a custom ATS altitude room. Altitude circuit training is a benefit of premium membership packages.

Sydney Altitude Centre

Sydney Altitude

With dual room set up including six Velotron computerised bikes and a range of specialist equipment, Sydney Altitude caters for athletes of all levels.


Commit 2 B Fit,

Jacob O’Connell is one of the first fully qualified altitude specialists in South Australia and has been training fitness enthusiasts through to elite level athletes since early 2010.

Valley Fitness - Sydney

Valley Fitness,

An altitude training facility allow Valley Fitness to offer an expanded, premium range of programs for its members.

Aspire Gym - Thailand

Aspire Gym,


When Aspire Fitness wanted an altitude solution, they came to ATS to help deliver a unique and commercially successful solution.

Bac de Roda - Spain

Bac De Roda,

Cardio theatre with a twist: ATS technology to train 8–10 people at up to 5400m altitude.

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