Altitude Training at Home

Realise the benefits of altitude training at home with our range of home fitness products combined with expert training protocol consultation.

Altitude Training Systems for Home Users

Exercise should help you enjoy life and enhance that lifestyle you deserve. Altitude training is time efficient and extremely productive. Whether you’re looking for the competitive edge in sport or simply trying to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, ATS can help successfully integrate altitude training in to your routine. Our mask based systems are perfect for home and stationary bike or treadmill sessions. Our current home training product range includes:

  • ATS Base unit – for simulated training up to 3,400m
  • ATS HP unit – for simulated training up to 5,400m
  • ATS Headstrap & mask kits
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Inflatable sleeping tents for simulated altitude
  • Custom inflatables for simulated altitude

Systems start from $6,700 AUD including startup training protocols (ex. tax & delivery).

Altitude Training at Home

Altitude Training Products For The Home

ATS Portable Hypoxic Generators

MODELPart #DescriptionList price
(ex. tax)
ATS-BASE KIT1300100100Training to an equivalent 3,700 m; includes all accessories & pulse oximeter$6,700AUD
ATS-ELITE KIT1300100101Training to an equivalent 5,100 m; includes all accessories & pulse oximeter$7,200AUD
ATS-HP – Hyperoxic1100200100Training to an equivalent 5,500 m, high flow & hyperoxic capabilityPOA

ATS Portable Hypoxic Accessories

AccessoriesPart #
List price
(ex. tax)
6Ltr BladderATSBBAG6.06ltr Bladder$88.00
3Ltr BladderATSBBAG3.03Ltr Bladder$36.00
T pieceNYTP222222T piece connector$19.95
Piping SetTBATS2272 x 1/TBATS2252 x 122mm Tubing 72” + 22mm Tubing 52"$138.00
Bacterial Filter (ea)ATSBACFILTInline Bacterial filter$10.00
ATS MASK SET*1 Head Strap & Mask$88.00
Pulse Ox (ea)ATSPULOXYNonin Pulse Ox finger$205.00

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