Simulated Altitude for Equine & Greyhounds

Altitude training is a natural tool that has been used for 50+ years to enhance human performance and is now being used by cutting edge teams looking to gain the competitive advantage.

A number of high-performance racing stables in Australia, Japan, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom utilise ATS altitude chambers for both conditioning and rehabilitation.

Industry leading trainers use ATS systems for active and passive protocols to enhance both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, improving both speed and endurance.

Stables and Kennels can be converted into altitude chambers for passive (resting) protocols which increase red blood cell count in the blood therefore increasing oxygen carrying capacity, along with carbon dioxide and lactate buffering capacity.

Altitude chambers can also be built around treadmills to allow for active (exercise) protocols which result in increased mitochondrial efficiency and new blood vessel formation in the muscles. Intense active protocols improve blood flow, oxygen supply, and energy efficiency.

Light active protocols can be used during rehabilitation to maintain fitness levels whilst reducing the load placed on joints and muscles.

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