Altitude 88 opens in Bondi Junction

Altitude 88 has opened it's doors offering Sydneysiders a unique 20 person altitude environment. Powered by ATS technology, this fantastic facility combines Matrix cardio equipment with RealRyder indoor bikes. The RealRyder provides a full body workout and simulates an outdoor session with the ability to lean, turn and balance. Try doing this at 2,700m to accelerate your training results! The latest Matrix strength equipment is on offer outside the altitude room to help complete your workout.

Staff at Altitude 88 are ATS qualified Altitude Instructors and will work with clients to provide a detailed induction program. This will ensure everyone gets the most from their training. Leaner, fitter, faster? Altitude 88 are here to help.

ATS congratulate Troy Bundy and his team on the launch of their new altitude training facility!

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