New Altitude Gym Opens in Brookvale

Altitude - The Height of Fitness is Sydney’s new altitude training centre. Set at up to 5000m altitude (twice the height of Mt Kosciusko and nearing the height of Everest Base Camp), Altitude is located at Many League’s Club, Brookvale.

Over 80{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894} of Olympic medal winners have used altitude training and Australia's top NRL and AFL sports teams have their own altitude training chambers along with the Australian and NSW Institutes of Sport. Altitude training was once the lone domain of elite sports people, but now Altitude is making it available for everyone to benefit, from Olympians to Octogenarians. Altitude’s state-of-the-art public facilities are a first for the Northern Beaches.

As well as helping people pre-acclimatise for high altitude trips, the scientific evidence on the benefits of altitude training is compelling:

- Up to 25{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894} more efficient work-out than at sea-level. This is beneficial for busy people as it means you can achieve the same results in 25{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894} less time.

- Up to 37{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894} improvement in endurance, 9{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894} improvement in strength and 3{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894} increase in power output and speed. For people training for races and events, these improvements can lead to significant improvements in personal bests and race times.

- Training at altitude can also increase weight loss by up to 15{718ba99e0f5cb28653d9bf3705f59e0876872deaa069a67ee480d16c32acf894}, reduce heart-rate and blood pressure and strengthen the immune system

Significant results are achievable in just 8 sessions and Altitude  have introductory membership packages from around $15 a session.

For more information, please contact  Gabrielle Fyfe on 0402 317 992 and check out the website at

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